Generation z!

At Four Rivers Church, the youth are not just our future, they are our present! We seek to not only meet the emotional and spiritual needs of our students but to inspire them to participate in every aspect of church life. Weekly youth groups, special events, Sunday morning classes, and our YOUTH SUNDAYS are just some of the ways we hope to bridge the connection from early childhood to a lifetime of walking with Jesus. 

Youth nights

youth sundays

At 4RC we believe that our Youth should be seen AND heard. You can often find our young people serving in every aspect of church life, from welcome teams to main-stage. We are so committed to developing these young leaders that we will regularly host "Youth Sunday", when everything from the welcome teams to the message will be led by our teen! It is our hope and prayer that 4RC will be a church in which this young and vibrant generation can fully participate from their younger years and throughout their lives!

developing the next generation of leaders!

supporting our students

In January 2018, our community faced an unspeakable tragedy with a school shooting that left 2 students killed and many more injured. Four Rivers Church cares deeply about our community and immediately set into motion plans to assist families with financial and spiritual support. We continue to pray for the families of our students and will ALWAYS seek for ways to serve our students and community in good times and in bad.